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Inclusion & Diversity Global Campaign


Get all Whirlpool employees to feel a sense of belonging, become advocates for the Inclusion & Diversity mission, be champions for diversity, and build a feeling of community. By transforming emotional resonance into emotional investment.

Well, that's a pretty big ask. Isn't it? As the Art Director and sole creative developing the concept for this campaign, I had to dig deep. I began researching what I&D meant to Whirlpool as a corporate entity, and what the struggles were with our colleagues that didn't feel included. To be honest, this was larger than me, and I felt like I wasn't the right person for this project being that I'm not in a diverse group myself...But I continued to dig and continued to revisit the ask. Duh. We needed advocates, and we needed those people to speak up. I was definitely one of those people! 

So we were creating a pledge. Not only to our colleagues but to ourselves. We can ALL make a difference if we try. 

We wanted to give people a space for people to not only listen but a place where people could be truly heard. 

Art Direction/Concept Development: Tracy Keck

Creative Direction: Nicole Tiberi
Designer: Cynthia Myers

Logo Development : Strength, Conversational, Inclusive

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Corporate signage 


Social reach

Internal Coporate Pledge

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