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Ingham County Fair
OOH Campaign

I had the amazing opportunity to work with a local fair art directing and copywriting
an out-of-home campaign to help boost their awareness and attendance with millennials. 


Year after year the fair was struggling to engage with their millennial market. We developed this campaign to be eye-catching, cheeky, nostalgic and most importantly, relevant to their target audience.

The campaign ended up being a massive success, boosting attendance, and reviving interest in the fair.

The fair offered a beer tent for the first time. So naturally, we had to tell people about it!

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Cotton candy isn't just fun, it's also a delectable nostalgic delight.

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The Chris Cagle classic was #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 Country charts in 2003. That means A LOT of
fair-going millennials were jammin' to this song when they were cruising in their young adulthood.

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Sometimes the best awards, aren't even yours.

The fair loved their campaign so much, that they submitted it to the Michigan Festivals and Events Association Fun Awards, and brought home a ribbon of their own!

I know that may be a small win for most, but it was a huge win for our client. And that's the biggest win for me.

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