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Adams Outdoor Self Promo
OOH Campaign

I had the opportunity to develop a self-promotional OOH campaign that would grab the attention of markets across the country for my employer at the time.

The challenge

"Clients often find it hard to believe in the power of OOH because the metrics are harder to track. So Adams wanted to show them that OOH was impactful, memorable, FUN, and convince them that with good creative, they would absolutely get noticed in their markets."

The gameplan

Make a "big deal" out of our assets, and create an eye-catching, memorable campaign that was relatable, simple, and would create a buzz in the market. We harnessed the size of our medium and showed the market just how large billboards were and just how large our client's message and more importantly their logo would be...

How do you do all of that with OOH? Keep it simple. Keep it short. Keep it visually engaging.

portfolio_2017 8.png
portfolio_2017 5.png
portfolio_2017 6.png
portfolio_2017 7.png
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